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“The Recollection”

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Prose
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The Recollection

Try to sit still now; try to sit in the quiet,

Try to just think of nothing, and that everything is right,

Try to imagine the world as we know it, has in a moment, just stopped spinning,

Try to think back to that feeling, way back in the beginning

Recall the’ nothingingness’ that revolved around you then,

Recall the weather, the clothes you wore, recall them if you can,

Recall that feeling of how you swirled, and how time had stopped turning,

And when you have arrived at those crossroads, I’ll be waiting there, with the same yearning

Crazy though it might appear, I would care little for how the weather may be,

Crazy though others may think, these crossroads are special memory,

Crazy, yes, perhaps it is, in trying to recall the past,

But craziest of all is, how long these memories last.

For I speak of the moment when I first realised that time was not so clever,

Yes I speak of the moment, that one chance in life, is ingrained in me forever,

Oh I speak of a moment in my life, and one thing I know is this,

I try my best to be the best I can,

I recall people of value, and others I dismiss,

I may be crazy every now and then,

 But I speak the truth when I say it was bliss,

That day we stopped the world spinning;

So if I’m crazy now,

it’s all because,

I recall our

First kiss





“Cockatoo Ridge”

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Prose
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Cockatoo ridge is a place that only those that have been there

 can  truly appreciate,

That travelogue of nature that we bypass, innocently,

In our efforts to reach its summit,

do not seem to matter,

Not at this time.

But Cockatoo Ridge is all.

Upon the climb, the shale that takes my step from me

And removes my grip, on this shallow piece of withered rock,

Serves to highlight a scene I may have missed.

If you have tried to climb Cockatoo Ridge, then you will know this place.

The shale is still there, it cannot be removed,

It is your friend.

Cockatoo Ridge is the most beautiful summit that has never been climbed,

Never conquered,

Never can be,

Never will,


my deepest angel heart,

 Come walk with me to the shale.


“Is It”

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Prose
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Is it?

Is it the thought, or is it the touch,

Perhaps it’s just the simplicity of your smile,

Is it the times that we spend with nicotine and caffeine

Or is it the time we spend in exile.


Is it the truth, or is it the hope,

Perhaps it’s just the idea of being in love,

Is it the chance of living a dream

For happiness, for both, thereof.


Is it the pain, or the crossing the line,

Perhaps it’s just the fear of the unknown,

Is it a fact that my love for you,

Is so deeply felt, and yet unshown.


Is it so right, or is it so wrong,

Perhaps it’s just how things must be,

Is it a statement of misunderstanding

To you, when it isn’t from me.


Is it the knowing, is it the tears,

Perhaps it’s just a vessel for further growth,

Is it a question from the sweet hand of God,

To be answered in honest, by both.


Is it the joy, is it the laugh,

Perhaps it’s just that we enjoy each other,

Is it really the thought of a crazy man,

That you are friend, trustee and lover.


Is it the hope, or is it the faith,

Perhaps it’s just pure destiny,

For the is, it is, never has been a doubt,

The is,

is my love for thee.

Happy Valentines Day


A letter has been sent out this week to many Single Parents in Ireland, or as the Dept of Social Protection calls them, Lone Parents.  Now this is not unusual, as many people in receipt of Social Welfare often receive correspondence from the relevant Depts, according to their welfare needs.

So, the communication, is not at issue here, but the content is:

The letter is notifying Lone Parents of the changes made to their allowance, which were announced in the now long forgotten Budget of 2011. And it not pleasant reading at all. The Dept website has a copy of this letter, which can be viewed here:

Now, let’s take a look at these changes, a Lone Parent, whose payment is more or less, about 30 euro above the unemployment benefit (in the case of One child), has now been told that they can earn no more than 130 euro a week before their allowance is effected, the previous figure was 146.50 euro.  A reduction of 16.50e.

This roughly translates at 15.02 hours per week at the minimum wage (8.65) for an adult over 18,

Now, if our Lone Parent wants to try to improve their lot, and due to the restrictions that single parenting can manifest, they may avail of a training scheme of 20 hours per week through FAS, which would provide a further 188.00 euro, or that should be, used to provide that amount.

For you see, the new changes to the Lone Parent payment, have put and end to that, it states that a ‘dual’ payment is no longer an option. Some may say that’s a great thing, others may say, it is a retrograde step.

Another massive and really quite stupefying amendment is that from 2015, any child over the age of 8 years of age, is no longer considered worthy of support by the state, or am I reading that wrong? Think about it, an 8 year old child, through no fault of their own, in their third year of primary education, is not worth supporting……. a saving by the government that will carry a cost into tomorrow’s future…….

It is important to state at this juncture, that how an individual has arrived at being a Lone Parent is not in question here, Bereavement, Seperation, Teen Pregnancy, among others are all part of the equation, and not the responsibility of the vulnerable child.

So let’s summarise what the government are proposing:

1.A Lone Parent, if working, will be penalised for trying to create a better living within the confines that single parenting creates, by working.

2.This same parent, where once being able to offer their skills on a manageable time basis of 20 hours per week, through a FAS course, is now being told, they can have one payment or the other, but not both. In any one’s language, as the payments are more or less the same, it is clear, that the incentive to work,or upskill, has been removed by such thinking.

3. As of 2015 a Lone Parent with a child over the age of 8 will be considered neither Lone nor a Parent by the state, as no supporting payment will be available.

So the conclusion I have arrived at this this:

A Lone Parent is often excluded from the work force due to requirements and demands that  confront the single parent, and therefore, are unable, in many cases to sign on as a JobSeeker,  which is a requirement to avail of a FAS Training course, and when their child hits their 8th birthday, both the Parent and child will find themselves left in a void of non existence according to the state.

And the government are proposing to hold a referendum later this year, that enshrines the rights of the child into our constitution….

Dept of Social Protection?

Perhaps it may be better described as the Dept. Of Social Rejection!!!!


“Hello Mr Butterfly”

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Hello Mr. Butterfly

Hello Mr. Butterfly, or should I call you Emperor sir?

I wonder if your wing pattern is different from all other Emperors,

I’m sure you’re special and quite unique, oh how I wish I could fly like you,

To rest in the blossom of all those plants, that’s something I’d love to do.

The scent would calm me and soothe my mind, give me sanctuary when I’m feeling glum,

I could fly away, for some quiet peace, each time those fights happen with Dad and Mum,

Maybe you could tell me Mr. Butterfly, cos you’ve surely explored the world,

Why my daddy makes my mummy cry, like a little frightened girl

I wish my Dad was more like you, an emperor, a noble and proud being,

But he comes home late and I hear their shouts, I hear ‘drink, and ‘money’ and disagreeing,

That’s when I’m supposed to be asleep in my bed, instead of under the covers crying,

And it’s in those moments Mr. Butterfly, I wish I was just like you, where I could escape this all by flying,

Oh and you used to have a cocoon to hide in, I wish there was one big enough for me,

Cos then I wouldn’t have to listen to those big bad words that Mum gets from my Daddy,

And sometimes he throws stuff at her, and here’s one of the weirdest things,

That the stuff he throws doesn’t travel as far as you can with your wings.

Well, I have to go back inside now sir, I think Daddy’s gone away again,

I have to try to find mummy’s smile, cos she finds it hard to smile when,

Daddy yells, I wish he was like you, cos you let me talk and think out loud,

So Mr. Butterfly, if ever I become a Dad, I will try to be like you, with your royal coat, and try to make you proud.