“The Silent Right”

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Comment

It is a civil right to remain silent, so they tell me,

Sure, it is one of the first things that the police services the world over say to you upon arrest..

And then on the other side of the coin, is the right to speak, the Freedom of speech..a valuable, and non negeotiable right in all correct thinking societies. Thus the Conundrum….we have a right to say nothing and to shout it from the rooftops…….Now, we as Human beings can legislate all we want, but we can only do that…we can’t make Silence or Speaking Out compulsory…we can only legislate for choice somehow.

So it transpired that about 2 years ago I decided to enter the realm of twitter, an incredible internet forum that allowed for exchanges of views, information, laughs, and opportunities to meet some great people. I initially started out on twitter as a Voice of protest, to the impending doom and gloom that we were experiencing financially now,alas, my protestestations may have been heard, but we still have the doom and gloom!!!

Ce la Vie.

Those 2 years have been incredibly rewarding, I have met some extraordinary people, some incredibily beautiful, kind hearted people, some fantastically inspiriational people, some people that have blown me away with their intelligence, be it academic, or humanistic, or both..and all through ‘the twitter’……and on very, very, rare occassions have I ventured from the virtual to the tangible world with some of these people. And I have never regretted it , except for once……..

You see, someone was following my account, and I was happily exchanging as you do in said forum, I was just trying to be a decent guy and be open to all conversation, debate, etc……good,bad , or indifferent….and this particulat tweeter began to contact me via DM…..no major problem with that….but sought my help…..without going into too much detail aroung the specifics…..I offered my phone number as this person seemed in need and for some reason chose Ol Voicey…….It appeared no one else would listen…..I did what I could, as I believe most decent people would do, and offered what I consider to be reasonable advice….and then when that advice was declined, informed Said Tweeter, that there was nothing else I could do….

I began to feel uncomfortable, something wasnt right, as usual with Ol Voicey, I tend to trust first and doubt second……and happily do so to this day by the way.

And so to cut a long story short, this resulted in some strange experiences that I had no desire to encounter, or would wish upon anyone else…suffice to say, phone calls that tend to suggest my terminality will be arranged are not my cup of tea.

All this was a year ago.

This person has appeared on my timeline since, and has tried to engage me, under a different account name, and I have just chosen to express my right to remain silent, to not engage, sure, the same thing happens to all of us on twitter, but apparently my right to choose how and who I engage, is not appreciated.But recently I was sent a link by this tweeter, and I have decided to Stand Down my twitter account. I know that this is sketchy in detail, but all I can ask you is to respect my decision for now.

If I may paraphrase @LeoTraynor’s blog…..I seek not to prosecute, but to be let to go about my business without hassle

And so, as much as this blog may sound confusing,which I can understand,due to lack of specifics,

I herby express my right to The Freedom of Speech to Be Silent from the Rooftops…

It is my Silent Right

Peace to all, and for those that have taken the time to show support, thankyou…..you know my appreciation is heartfelt


  1. irishminx says:

    Merde Voice! I am so disappointed, because I will feel the loss of your presence on Twitter. I’m dumb struck really and so sorry to be losing one of the finest gents I have had the virtual pleasure to chat with on twitter.
    However, I wish you much love and warm hugs.
    Come back as soon as you can.
    Sorry if this sounds utterly selfish of me Voice.


  2. BHG says:

    Illegitimi non carborundum
    respect for your choice
    when another way is found
    let us chat again

  3. Not at all Trich, you among many others are wonderful people, If anything, It is I that must apoligise, I have silenced not out of fear, but out of Duty to those that are my blodd relations…….I will say no more on this for now, pls understand…

  4. Voicey I am so angry to hear that another twitter friend is leaving because of the behavior of others! What is wrong with people why can we not all just get along, chat, debate or disagree but always remain respectful of each other. The few are destroying for the many what is a tool that has allowed solidarity and the exchange of advice and information. When you are ready I will be hear to welcome back your opinions and debate once more.

    Be well but most of all be safe
    Jennifer x

    • Debbie says:

      I am so sorry that you have had a very bad experience voicey. Leo and now you – makes me want to quit too – not much use if the good people are driven away. I hope you stay well 🙂

    • You know what Jen, I agree…..I have actually had some very beautiful debates on the tweet machine….and have walked away from them , agreeing to disagree, that has never been a problem with me, on this occassion, it has been as a result of non engagement…..who would have thought hey?

  5. helenhamill says:

    Just make sure you know you will be missed by the folks like me who appreciated your company, and your friendship.

  6. irishminx says:

    I do understand Voice and I very much respect your decision. Go gently.

  7. I am sorry. If it is a personal troll, I hope you can find some way of alerting the authorities to his existence. If it is a political or institutional power making these threats, perhaps without endangering yourself you could mention something more about them. We do not live in a safe country – I truly believe this – and we need to be psychologically and spiritually armed against the damage abuse of power can do, from any source.

    Trolls are awful and I am sorry you have to deal with this.

    • Thanks for commenting Susan, it is defineitely not a political troll…..that wouldnt worry me….:) Tis of a personal nature, and just attention I dont desire, naming and shaming will be of no use in this case…for this ‘troll’ appears under different account names…oh the joy of the web…:)

  8. FizzyOne says:

    Voicey- hope you are safe and well. I’m devastated that we won’t be able to chat any more. You are a lovely human being and always so respectful of others. I completely understand your decision and hope that in the future we may talk again. Please don’t let this get you down- we re all rooting for you.

  9. Have read your Blog and am deeply saddened by what you say. Maybe a more liberal use of the Block Button would be appropriate. Nobody should have to endure ‘stalking’ by whatever method. Of course you are free to not engage and I for one respect your right to do so. It is a terrible shame as the experience of Twitter is mainly in engaging with Followers.

    I myself have my ‘stalkers’. Some are of the more sinister nature, who just track what I say and stack it up, so to speak, to use against me later, should the need arise. Twitter is not prfect but is a wonderful forum for people of all views to engage. Many have their own agenda whether political, commercial or whatever. I have rarely blocked anyone. I usually use this as a last resort when someone is abusive or thinks they are funny when they are clearly just vulgar in the extreme. Twitter of course is a forum where many just follow and never engage, for whatever reason. Some do so for their own reasons while others take on a more sinister appearance. Social media can be great but it’s misuse by the few can ruin it for many. There are those who have such a thick skin that nothng ever ‘gets’ to them while others suffer the rath of the few idiots.

    I respect your current thinking and hope that whoever has targeted you will get a bit of sense and realise that they have deprived many of your followers of your company. Let’s hope your current status will change in due course and we can again engage happily with you. Your silence is a great loss.

    • Why thank you Mr Eagle sir! I hear you on the positive elements, and concur. In this case, alas, I have just had to take my leave for now, I am ok, dont sweat that, but just need to take stock, regroup, and ensure that those close to me are safe.We shall meet again……:)

  10. msheridan says:

    Great piece but glad you didn’t step back

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