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“Another Year….”

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Prose
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And so another year has rolled on,

And we wonder what did it mean,

We’ve forged on,

regardless of the nay sayers and the tears,

To drink from the cup of Auld lang syne,

as we’ve done in previous years.


In a hundred years from now,

will they still sing that old sweet song,

Will they look back and reminisce,

of the many people that have gone,

Or will they just always think forward,

of the dreams that can be,

As if yesterday is just a way of forgetting,

and a timelag necessity.


Well it’s the new year now,

and every time it comes,

We seem to remember that time is precious,

and once it gone it’s gone.

So I raise a glass to you today,

for you are all now here,

And I wish you everything that’s good for you,

 and a very prosperous new year.

Happy New Year Everyone

Voice x