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The Days Gift To Every Mother

The Skittles and the Jelly tots, Cakes both Fairy and of Pan,
Sausages, all so piping hot, sultanas and all bran,
Laces tied up, always checked, in case a trip was planted,
Saliva washes, on ear, nose ‘n’ neck, all now taken for by the granted.

Lunch money, or packed sandwiches, and never wont of feed,
Transport to the ‘to and from’, love in every deed,
Butter on a piece of toast, a bib when teeth weren’t there,
A cuddle, oh, that was the most, a smile just full of care.

The proudest on the sidelines, as you grew every day,
Those words of comfort, that told you, you were a great sheep in the Nativity play
Requests of your room that needed tidying, requests of packed bags being ready for school,
Platforms for every soldier or princess, this woman is never a fool.

Her presence in your cuts and scrapes, would make a gaping hole disappear,
And most of us, when troubled, call out to her, to be near,
Does she reject the call, however busy? No…., she turns up every time,
No matter how troubled, herself maybe, she has never been a mime.

An Apron, an Apple, a pastry, a Hot roast Sunday Dinner,
A knowing, that in all her teachings, We can be sinner. We can be winner,
The one moment that must crush her, knowing it is all for the best,
That her whole being must morph with ours, as we fly away the nest.

For us all, tis natural, for we, as we fly , we feel forever young,
For her, it is a different song, still she harmonises to what must be sung,
She has taught us true, wrong from right, in the best understanding of herself,
Reared us, shared us, geared us, and walked us to the shelf.

Pink medicine, when we’re weary, coloured balloons at every age,

A little rub of kindness, another bedtime book turned page,
She never stops believing, that you can be the one,
And yet, she knows she sacrificed, just so your dreams may be done.

Bread and Butter Pudding, hundreds and thousands on dry bread,
Hand me downs, and promises, a new cover on your bed,
Look high, look low, search deep, and ask, can you mine as deep as she?
I suspect, your answer has to be Yes, that how she wanted you to be.

So, On this day, I’ll celebrate mine, in every breath, passion, and thought,
I’ll remember how she lifted me, remember what she taught,
In our simplest, basic, deepest heart, in time, there can never be never any other,

So let this prose,

be a bouquet of rhyme,

as the days gift to every Mother.

Happy Mother Day . xxxx


“My Fellow Cinderella”

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Prose
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(A poem of support and hope to all struggling with austerity)

My Fellow Cinderella

Keep believing my fellow Cinderella, as you dutifully scrub the floor,
Keep close the dream of happiness, of love, and so much more,
Know that someday, your time will come, your script has been defined,
Your chains will loose, your light shall glow, as bright as the floor you’ve shined.

Fear not the constant struggles, for they will eventually make way,
Grow stronger in each oppression, in the belief of a better day,
Let those that keep you enslaved and poor, be wary of your grit,
For those that see your beauty and all, will soon bear witness to it.

Remember to carry yourself in grace, in pride, passion, and integrity,
For without these traits in your being, there will be no point in being free,
Know that those who choose to use you, will take from you, at every available turning,
So bear no guilt once free from them, dance to your higher learning.

Let your rags become your riches, let your chamber echo loud and strong,
Remember , no matter how hard they try, their darkness is not your song,
Raise your head, raise your heart, your princely freedom is awaiting true,
So keep believing my fellow Cinderella, your dream belongs to you.



As the continuing austerity measures roll on, it is leaving in its wake a wash of disbelief, despair, and utter hopelessness. The latest of these cuts is the abolition of the Mobility Allowance which, although not defined by legislation, was set up to assist people who were disabled and who would ‘benefit from a change in surroundings’
Further information on this allowance can be found via this link from the citizens information site.

Mobility Allowance:

Now before we go into the reasons why this allowance has been removed, lets just take a look at the effect of such an act.
The allowance is provided by the Health Service Executive (HSE) and therefore by extension comes under the office of the Minister for Health, Dr.James Reilly.

The effect of removing this allowance from people that have already been approved for such a supporting payment has to be frightening to those recipients to say the least. However, there is another effect that bubbles away in this sickly cauldron of the cut and slash policy brew, and that is, the effect of how such thinking permeates throughout the greater societal demographic.

In an ideal world, everyone would happily get along with their lot in life,making the best of their situation, and endeavouring to improve it whenever opportunity chose to present itself. Governance, as we know,is far from perfect, however, it should also attempt to carry a similar ethos, which is, to try to improve the lot of its people. It is such pursuits that engages society, franchises its people, empowering them in the knowledge that a reasonable equity and fairness will become manifest through honest contribution.

Unfortunately, this act of removing support from people, that I for one would not ever wish to exchange lifestyles with,has had the opposite effect.

Besides, the emotive bursts of anger and sadness, society is also left with the question of ‘how’. How have we come to this?
How have we, as a society, come to the place of, seeing those in need as being low hanging fruit on the economic burning bush?

This allowance is classified as 208 euro at the high rate, or 104 euro at the low rate, per month. An overall cost apparently of 10.6 million euro per annum to the taxpayer. in a workforce of circa 1.8 million people, the cost is 5.88 euro per person, per year. or if you prefer, more or less the price of a pint.

The price of a pint?

So, we as a society, have come to the juncture, whether we like to admit it or not, that our disabled people will lose a much needed supportive allowance,that even the most hardest hit I believe, would be happy to sacrifice the price of a pint for. How in the name of God, can our elected representitives even think this is acceptable?

They say they have removed the payment upon advice that it is discrimiatory to people over the age of 66, so is paying an 18 year old less unemployment benefit than a 25 year old, as is seeking Gender Quotas.

Oh yes, it is discriminatory all right.

And disabling.

All for the price of a pint!