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The higher moral ground.

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A Lovely blog about bullying and how to trust yourself in it….

at least i have a brain

THE HIGHER MORAL GROUND…can be a lonely place to stand…but is the ONLY place to stand!

Once upon the time there was a bully.

Nobody ever stood up to this bully.

They gathered what they perceived as strength.

But they merely developed an ugly personality.

a hideous evil personality

they lurched through life belittling people

and leading weak with them

and their venom kept flowing


one day, someone challenged the perceived stronghold.

that meant


the bully did not like this and began to damage the reputation of the strong person. Tarnishing and tainting the locals perception of the strong person and painting them as BAD.


The strong person had strong moral code:

  • honesty
  • fairness
  • justice for weak
  • right.
  • bullying is never right.
  • do NOT join in the tale telling
  • do not listen to the bullshit about you
  • your friends are WELL chosen.
  • to stand up for right – against a…

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