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“Every Bullet”

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Prose
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Every bullet fired in anger, every gun waved in rejoice,

Speaks volumes of the danger, of how we’ve come to lose our voice,

Every spilling of our precious blood, regardless of which Deity we claim,

Serves only to diminish all, to fertilise disdain.


Every bullet ever made in profit, profits all of none,

Manipulated fears and lies, solved only through the gun,

Every corpse left as carrion, as the bullets continue to fly,

Serves only to steal away our lives, to pile bodies high.


Every bullet missing a target, every rifle stuck or jammed,

Weapons destroyed or dismantled, reduces numbers of the damned,

Every hand extended in congruence, in the respect of differences that burn,

Serves as an educator, a chance for all to learn.


Perhaps we all hold bullets, the power to harm and destroy,

Tis up to all and one to see, we all have bullets we deploy,

Every time we meet adversity, we have two choices as we ride into that town,

To load the weapon with a bullet, or extend a hand,

 whilst laying the weapon down.