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I will premise this by simply saying, no offence intended.

Any open minded person, philosophical soul, ‘curious cat’, will travel this freely, any pre programmed, selfish, unable to share ‘fraudian’ ‘I donate to charity’ justifier….

May struggle a  little…..and that is accepted, for after all…I’m charitable….

So let’s travel…..

Let’s accept for brevity, the ‘who’ that controls us…….as an acceptance…and if you’re unsure..just search           Rothchild,        and I’ll see you in the next life ok…

however, I’m more interested in the  How


How did, the very rules that were set down by the  ‘powers’ of secularism, ever get off the ground in a judicial court……?

Every witness is asked to ‘swear an oath upon a bible’ or to swear an oath of some sort if not so pre disposed…

And anyone, that’s ever had the privilege of gracing a court room, should enquire as to why, all witnesses must decree an oath to a deity, when the witness themselves, have not witnessed, any of their representatives, or the Judge themselves, decree the same oath…in unison…with the witness….

Just observing…

Alas, one  digresses….

Surely by complying to the rules of such a system, where decreeing,/swearing  upon a book, is evidential of one being disposed to being held accountable to truth….is questionable indeed,

if the the premise posits, that the one that swears is being truthful by ‘their rules’……as if it is ‘evidential…


So if a ‘defendant’ chooses to ‘swear upon the good book’    and then asks the Judge, can he/she prove the existence of God……would it also be fair, to posit, that all evidence presented,  is based upon belief…?

And therefore


Not guilty your Honour.