“Conor McGregor”

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Comment, Prose
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Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor, I beggar, is the news of the day,
A world champion in a weight division, and in another cut down like hay,
A fighter in a sport they call UFC,or if you prefer  Mixed Martial Arts,
Where all contenders come from the world, come from all her parts.
Now many see McGregor as  a cur, buffoon, an obnoxious little chap,
To him that matters little, as he puts his life and country on the map,
He’s successful in his field, and his field requires pain,
So I’ll just simply laugh at those, that have never had to train.
Now he lost a fight, against Nathan Diaz, before he ever entered the Octagon Ring,
And I’ll tell you why, and I cant believe, he missed this simple thing.
I’ll elaborate, slowly, for I think this is important indeed,
And McGregor if he reads this, may well grow from this seed.
I’ve fought a battle, near killed, by result of an accident,
So I know what pain/struggle/failure has meant
And yes, I’ve felt that fear and used it, to motivate me once again,
The difference is , and he knows this, you never call people other names
The fight game is unique, accepted, and I understand the ‘sell’ of the fights,
But the lesson surely for McGregor is,  the bloke  that spoke less, won the speaking rights.
We all can see through the ‘razzamatazz’ , and as much as it feeds our thirst
The Guy, who said  ‘he’d bury him’ finished second, didn’t finish first.
Now don’t get me wrong, I like this guy, I like his depth of dedication,
He doesn’t get to be where his without pain and humiliation.
I suspect he’s probably worked harder than anyone we could know
A 120 hour week at least, between all the media  side show
So what is it, what I’m trying to say…? Well let me put it as straight as this..
Conor McGregor lost to Diaz for he bought into the bullshit of showbiz.
How do I know? Oh I know… and I’ve fought every step in the dark,
Having a punch up in an octagon…..?  Jaysus a bloody walk in the park
True champions do the work, on the field of play,
They seek not to belittle any, for they know it comes back biting some day,
True Champions, face all challenges from a place of respect,
Otherwise they just become, a showbiz puppet that showbiz will reject
So I beggar, Conor McGregor…knowing your financial worries may well be no more
If and when you decide to pick yourself up from the floor,
You’ll truly represent the Irish, by respecting your adversary..
Seems like a winning formula,
 as to celebrating adversity
So keep working hard, keep being the best you can,
Keep the faith, the desire, to represent your master plan,
I’ll just leave you with this,
‘Pussy’  ‘Skinny’ ‘Fat’  are words that can bury
And if you’re an Icon, then know your words can be to those that never want to fight in a playground,
Very , very , scarey….

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