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“It has come to this”

Posted: April 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

“It has come to this”

As I write this, my heart is utterly shattered, bruised, battered, and again asking ‘what did I do in a previous life’ because I sure as hell am paying for some previous indiscretion..

So let’s travel..

I’ve lived in Ireland since 1992, married an Irish Citizen and have two beautiful Irish kids, now 19 and 21….

My wife and I legally separated back in 2010, and being a Foreign National I had to possess an ‘immigration card’  a GNIB.  Each year I would renew this, no problem, it was just a  paperwork exercise, and no hassle to do.

However, in 2014 my passport was expiring, and a valid passport was needed to renew the GNIB card….not only that, but the officer I met every year had retired, and her duties had been transferred to another Garda station….so I turned up there, as obliged to renew my papers.


This new officer informed me, as I only had a week left on my passport, she couldn’t renew my status….I informed her, I cant afford to renew my passport,due to my self employment business suffering the joys of the effects of austerity budgets.   ( I used to do contract work within the education system helping children in need and funding had been cut)

A new passport would cost me 250 euro, money I didn’t have….she also informed me, the new GNIB card would cost me 300 euro…..This was a new development, as I had never been charged before…so there you go..I had to find 500 odd quid…and with no continual employment, this was a fantasy..

So I asked, what happens next?

She said: “You will become illegal..”

I said: “well arrest me now, as I dont have the money to pay…”

She laughed and said: “Just come back when you have your new passport..”

Fast forward to March 24th 2016

I finally got enough work to renew my passport in February 2016, and more work that could help me afford to pay for this card…the only problem was, it was 12 months work, on a building site in London, and I wasn’t sure if I could travel…but it was work..and a team of 6 were travelling from Ireland, as very little work existed in our rural area…so I traveled across on the 15th of March, and we all returned for the Easter break on Holy Thursday the 24th of March.  All of the ‘gang’ went thru Passport control..except for me…

My papers were out of date, and this presented a problem…..having lived in Ireland for 24 years, raised a family, owning a house, etc….I had assumed I would be ok….essentially, I was no different from the rest of the ‘gang’ just not a citizen… technically a resident for 22 of 24 years….by their rules.


Boy did I get that wrong……


After being told to sit and wait….etc….for 45 mins at least, the presiding officer, came out and informed that I would be detained and placed on the next plane available..

I was gobsmacked….and said: “You can’t do that, I’ve got kids, and a house, etc….:”

She sought further supervision, another 45 mins later, and came back with   ‘We will grant you 30 days, you must return before or by this date, otherwise you will be arrested and deported. Currently you are just being refused ‘Permission to Land’

So there you go…..24 years, wiped out just like that, because of austerity…..

So why not just find 600 quid to update the paperwork for the last two years….? Alas common sense is not that common

Nope, bureaucracy, gone mad  tis better to deport a person that was trying to work, better to break a family, better to get rid of someone that holds a first class honours degree, best to get rid of someone who in 24 years has never even had a parking fine, better to just flex muscle and push pens, rather than see the Human story….


So come the end of April 2016

For the sake of 600 quid…..

It has come to this…




New developments have arisen,,,,Part 2 to this story will follow,,,,