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“Happy Father’s Day”

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Prose
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Believe it or not, he cares and emotes,

He’ll travel the miles, be it car, planes, or boats,

He stands on the sidelines, cheering your game,

He wears, his princess’s Dandelion chain,


He fixes the bike, paints,  washes up,

He yells occasionally, He never gives up,

He may never tell you, about the joy that you bring,


that just a Daddy thing.


Make no mistake; he hurts the same as you,

But he puts it aside, for that’s what Daddies do,

He sees his role, as being solid, strong, and true,

Whenever you need him, he’s there for you.


He never acclaims to be perfect,

 he knows he is not,

But he tries to be the best he can, with the tools that he’s got,

He’s funny at times, and really a big kid at heart,

He’s a bit of your life,

that’s an important part.


He’s your Daddy, your Da, your Father, your mate,

He puts out the bins; get’s you home from a date,

He never asks for anything each Father’s Day,

Yet he demands you to be your best,

it’s just his way.


He has knowledge to burn, and yet not every answer,

He just knows who is true, and who is a chancer,

You may never have seen him, when he was in his prime,

Back then he was free, like you are, in your time


Would he change a thing, with all things considered,

No, he wouldn’t, he’d grow old and embittered,

He’s your Daddy, He’s your Papa, He’s your go to man,

He’s the best Daddy, Why? Because he just can.


So to all Fathers today, may your day be blessed,

May your Fatherhood,be celebrated, recognised, be addressed,

May you cherish the card, the cuddle, the kiss,

And in that moment, remember,

Being a Father, is a privilege,

And a bliss



Happy Father’s Day Fellas…


“Hello Mr Butterfly”

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Hello Mr. Butterfly

Hello Mr. Butterfly, or should I call you Emperor sir?

I wonder if your wing pattern is different from all other Emperors,

I’m sure you’re special and quite unique, oh how I wish I could fly like you,

To rest in the blossom of all those plants, that’s something I’d love to do.

The scent would calm me and soothe my mind, give me sanctuary when I’m feeling glum,

I could fly away, for some quiet peace, each time those fights happen with Dad and Mum,

Maybe you could tell me Mr. Butterfly, cos you’ve surely explored the world,

Why my daddy makes my mummy cry, like a little frightened girl

I wish my Dad was more like you, an emperor, a noble and proud being,

But he comes home late and I hear their shouts, I hear ‘drink, and ‘money’ and disagreeing,

That’s when I’m supposed to be asleep in my bed, instead of under the covers crying,

And it’s in those moments Mr. Butterfly, I wish I was just like you, where I could escape this all by flying,

Oh and you used to have a cocoon to hide in, I wish there was one big enough for me,

Cos then I wouldn’t have to listen to those big bad words that Mum gets from my Daddy,

And sometimes he throws stuff at her, and here’s one of the weirdest things,

That the stuff he throws doesn’t travel as far as you can with your wings.

Well, I have to go back inside now sir, I think Daddy’s gone away again,

I have to try to find mummy’s smile, cos she finds it hard to smile when,

Daddy yells, I wish he was like you, cos you let me talk and think out loud,

So Mr. Butterfly, if ever I become a Dad, I will try to be like you, with your royal coat, and try to make you proud.