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“My Fellow Cinderella”

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Prose
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(A poem of support and hope to all struggling with austerity)

My Fellow Cinderella

Keep believing my fellow Cinderella, as you dutifully scrub the floor,
Keep close the dream of happiness, of love, and so much more,
Know that someday, your time will come, your script has been defined,
Your chains will loose, your light shall glow, as bright as the floor you’ve shined.

Fear not the constant struggles, for they will eventually make way,
Grow stronger in each oppression, in the belief of a better day,
Let those that keep you enslaved and poor, be wary of your grit,
For those that see your beauty and all, will soon bear witness to it.

Remember to carry yourself in grace, in pride, passion, and integrity,
For without these traits in your being, there will be no point in being free,
Know that those who choose to use you, will take from you, at every available turning,
So bear no guilt once free from them, dance to your higher learning.

Let your rags become your riches, let your chamber echo loud and strong,
Remember , no matter how hard they try, their darkness is not your song,
Raise your head, raise your heart, your princely freedom is awaiting true,
So keep believing my fellow Cinderella, your dream belongs to you.



“Cockatoo Ridge”

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Prose
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Cockatoo ridge is a place that only those that have been there

 can  truly appreciate,

That travelogue of nature that we bypass, innocently,

In our efforts to reach its summit,

do not seem to matter,

Not at this time.

But Cockatoo Ridge is all.

Upon the climb, the shale that takes my step from me

And removes my grip, on this shallow piece of withered rock,

Serves to highlight a scene I may have missed.

If you have tried to climb Cockatoo Ridge, then you will know this place.

The shale is still there, it cannot be removed,

It is your friend.

Cockatoo Ridge is the most beautiful summit that has never been climbed,

Never conquered,

Never can be,

Never will,


my deepest angel heart,

 Come walk with me to the shale.



Posted: November 20, 2011 in Prose
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 1. So they say we’re in recession, well what the heck does that mean?

The government, try to convince us, that it is a societal vaccine,

A dictionary definition defines it as an act of ceding back,

Whilst my granny’s fight for her medical card brings on a cardiac.


2. Ceding Back?…. Oh come on!.. Did we ever cede ourselves forward?

Now I know that progress has been made, but has it been all that straightforward?

My granny said, as she lay prone, as her heart ceded back its beating,

“My life is flashing…..I recall great music,… Mozart, not Ronan Keating!”


3.”And wait!” she crowed, as her heart beat slowed, she was now in the realm of impunity,

“I have a vision, a distant memory, oh yes it’s an image of community.

” So she lay there drifting, like a government, ebbing in and out of conscious thought

And mumbled something about a trolley, and dignity she was taught.

4. And as I sit past midnight, with my granny and her failing heart,

She props up on her elbow and says “here’s the crazy part…”

“I cleaned your clothes on washboard, when you were just a child,

I chopped the wood for fireside, and was granny, and I smiled.”

5.”An indoor toilet was a concept, for ours was found in the backyard,

And sometimes I miss those things I had, just like my Medical Card!”

I recall, in haze, for my heart beats weak, when I cleaned and wiped your small backside,

The joy of Dev, our Kerry Blue, who never left your side.”

6. I listened once, I listened twice, and I knew the heart had stopped,

But the heart was mine, and not my gran’s, for on the elbow she still wasl propped,

“What’s wrong son?” She gently probed. “What is it that you’re thinking?

” I lay her down and comforted her, and felt her body shrinking.

7. “Gran!” I said. “I love you deep, and trust me, this is very hard,

Your legacy is not lost in me, not like your medical card.

And my time, sometimes, is taken up, with the backside wiping of my clan,

But rest assured, the person that I am today, has something to do with you Gran.”


8. “I know they never let you take a job or let you have the vote,

And through it all, you ne’er complained. You just kept the ship afloat.

Now I know that life is different now, sure I’m more concerned about my ipod,

And in your day, your main concerns were food and heat and God.”


9. “Three more beats.” she says to me: “Use each one as a wish.”

And I realise now in hindsight, she was gifting me, wisdom on a dish,

I held her hand, her last warmth, and her last breath filled the air,

A privilege, A privilege, A privilege to be there.


10. Wish one.

That she is now at peace, and reunited with Grandad Joe, That the love they shared here down on earth is filled with afterglow.

Wish Two.

That every ounce of knowledge, wisdom, and compassion that she showed me, Is not wasted on another’s Gran, left to die on a trolley.

11. Wish Three.

Is now your possession, and it contains three wishes for you,

To grant as you see fit,

so see what you can do,

And as this is also my last wish, I feel my heart is beating hard.


I wish for the grace of God,

and Gran,

and her right to a medical card.

“I Speak Your Name”

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Prose
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I speak your name, softly;


Almost breathlessly;

I caress your very sound as you quietly leave my lips

And climb upon the playful breeze

My kiss will hold your name; My desire will seek your kiss,

And you shall always live in my heart.


The breeze grows stronger, transforms in the wind, calmly,



You cleanse me through your breath, I close my eyes

And see you, experience you,

My hand will hold you near,

My touch will seek your hand,

And you shall always enlighten my heart.


The wind increases to gale, not fiercely, but stoicly,



I scream your name to fuel your existence

And dance wildly in you throes,

My passion will breathe you deeply,

My wont will seek your passion,

And you will always fire my heart.

The gale relieves in tempest and returns an air of calm, peacefully,



I speak your name in silence and embrace you as you rest,

My joy will hold your laughter,

My soul will seek your joy,

And you shall always know my heart is loving you


Each time I speak your name.