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“Wherever We May Be”

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Prose
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Wherever you go, where ever we may be,

Nothing will ever replace you and me,

The parting glass, that I have supped so well,

Has always been the juice of a broken heart, to where this heart does dwell,

The life destroying fear of loneliness, that is a bowe (sic) to this man’s string,

Is not unique, nor a strange thing,

It is just one of those human experiences, that occasionally sing a tune,

It has answers within; it has its own story, its own Rune,

Tis not the fear of new life, that disconcerts this soul,

Tis, the knowing of this man’s life, less your voice, that creates the hole,

It is in such knowing that a hole, can be a mine, a discovery , a moment in time,

That this old man, will treasure the love lost as a ticking clock,

A moment in time, that can never be forgot,

And wherever I go, or lay my bones down, I beg you to know, that it was because I had to,

I had to live, I had to feed,

I had to grow again, and I did, from your very seed,

But as I came from the desert, and you came from the sea,

It is only now, I realise, that we,

Have created, a shore, created a forest,

Created a rhythm, envied by most,

We have created the moonlit stars, the dawn breaking sparrow song,

We have created the most beautiful place, where Hearts should belong,

 We created Harmony,

 we created Funny,

We created tears,

we created sighs,

We spent, too much time apart where are creation brought, wherefore’s and  ‘why’s’

We angered in each other, without even wanting to admit,


Came back each time to our creative beings,

So be it,

We cried, and sorrowed, without allowing each other to see,

We let down each other,

 with true integrity,

We harmed, we hurt, we became the most frustrating  to each other,

Because we had stopped admitting that we were,



In ether,

 in throes,

We were lovers,

It is the song of your pleasure, and the touch of your hand,  

The painful denial, that shield, that says,

Hey Man,


And then the dance begins, as only we can know, where, your wanting equals my rejection,

We become as one, for some strange reason,

You have a warming, and I,  your reflection,

But that is not what it is about,

It is much deeper than that, surely,

I feel it belongs somewhere, in a modern day context,

If I may analogise,

Our love, is like this for me,

It is like being a someone that has found that little beautiful country cottage,

 and then discovering,

 that the very land that it lies upon is based upon the richest vein of gold.

And you are the gold,

 and yet to mine you,

 would feel like defiling you,

It is like knowing, that I sit in the presence of a treasure,

And I know it,

I need not sing it,

 plough it,

 mine it,

 exploit it,

All I need to do is,

 know it.

And indeed I do.

Wherever we may be ,