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The journey of departed times, has never been your wont, or mine,

It is just the script of living, in today, the here and now,

That conspires to breach,

our unity,

The texture of your breathed kiss, the scent of you, I deeply miss,

It is as if our Author , In some way, seeks to plough,

Against us with,


In truth may it all be revealed, that no man, nor woman,

has ever concealed,

Their every word, what they say,

How they interact,

When love comes,

a calling,

A once a year touch so long desired,

a drowned heart being reignited and fired,

Our every speak, is love,

that’s a fact,

When we love, We are,


Let no calendar be so defined,

let not what we have be undermined,

Let’s seek, let’s hold, in embrace of love’s power,

As if it is a,


Allow my kiss, on your cheek so gentled, hold you near, and get sentimentaled,

As we, together, throe in our hour,

May I speak these words,

of mine?

I thank you my lover, my friend, and my soulmate,

For being my




“The Recollection”

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Prose
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The Recollection

Try to sit still now; try to sit in the quiet,

Try to just think of nothing, and that everything is right,

Try to imagine the world as we know it, has in a moment, just stopped spinning,

Try to think back to that feeling, way back in the beginning

Recall the’ nothingingness’ that revolved around you then,

Recall the weather, the clothes you wore, recall them if you can,

Recall that feeling of how you swirled, and how time had stopped turning,

And when you have arrived at those crossroads, I’ll be waiting there, with the same yearning

Crazy though it might appear, I would care little for how the weather may be,

Crazy though others may think, these crossroads are special memory,

Crazy, yes, perhaps it is, in trying to recall the past,

But craziest of all is, how long these memories last.

For I speak of the moment when I first realised that time was not so clever,

Yes I speak of the moment, that one chance in life, is ingrained in me forever,

Oh I speak of a moment in my life, and one thing I know is this,

I try my best to be the best I can,

I recall people of value, and others I dismiss,

I may be crazy every now and then,

 But I speak the truth when I say it was bliss,

That day we stopped the world spinning;

So if I’m crazy now,

it’s all because,

I recall our

First kiss