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“The Reason”

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Prose
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No one likes to give one, a Reason why they did,

All of us, stumble over words, we act just like a kid,

However, that is when we feel we’re wrong, when we feel we’ve done something we shouldn’t have done,

Alas, this Reason, holds no such fear, no such explanation,


We shudder, when we’re questioned. We shiver, within the glow,

As if;” How can they not understand, when I simply trust and know?”

She is the Reason, it’s not that hard, she lights me like a day,

What part of me , seeing her, …….questions you your way.?


No one likes to give one, a Reason why they feel,

It results in stumbling words and movements, that somehow, don’t appeal,

However, quelle surprise, justifying who you are,

is hardly a marathon runners extension,

Alas, the Reason holds no such fear,

no such explanation.


The Reason?

A Reason?

 Do I need a Reason at all?

To say that all my being, becomes swift in its enthral,

When in her presence, her gifted touch, her ears upon my talk,

Her lilted song, her melody, her shadow in my walk,


No one likes to give one,

a Reason, why they love,

For our words become all stumbled, as if we’ve become mute from up above,

However, I’m willing to sound like a fool, if it means that I can find a communication,

Alas ,

the Reason holds no such fear,

no such explanation.

Happy Valentines my love…..xxxx


“Sitting on the sidelines of observation, occassionally beckons comment, sitting on the sidelines of humanity, occassionally beckons comment, sitting in my sexuality and having to defend it, occasionally beckons reposte” —-Anonymous

Gay Marriage………woah!

Let me state clearly from the outset………I am Hetro, I dont run around declaring ‘that’ at… every turn, it is just what I am, I like the opposite sex, and the sex with them… I become confused as to what it is to be Gay, for I have never been at a gathering, party, or occasion, that my sexuality needed to be announced, behaved, or open to comment,….however, the one thing that I do know, we are who we are….

The Gay Marriage debate, has allowed me to shift any prejudices that may have existed in my own mind, and I stipulate that these beliefs, are not about whether Adam loves Steve, or Adam loves Eve, no they were constitional beliefs….that is…..if a same sex couple wish to marry, then how are Hetrosexual couples threatened by this constituionally?

So lets walk….

Apparently, Adam and Steve can engage in a ‘Civil partnership’…so where’s the problem…?
Surely Civil Partnerships cover all accession rights, child rights, etc……or do they?

I shall allow the legalities of Gay Marriage find their way, for the greater discussion appears to be a moral one…

Hearing discussions about Marriage is for Procreation, and therefore Gay Marriage is a contradiction to such a concept, is, to say the least, misguided, unitelligent, and prejudicial.

Marriage is about commitment to a betrothed love. Nothing more, nothing less.

I have known people that have married, and never ‘procreated’ and yet their partnership under law still held, so ‘procreation’ is a non arguement.
I have also known marriages that have broken down , that have ‘procreated’…and as a result have effected the offspring in a way, that has conflicted them for their formative years,…..
I have also known terrific Hetro people…that have apparently ‘procreated’ successfully….
And they have ‘Procreated’
Gay Children…..

So this debate, becomes not a human debate, but a religious debate…..vested interests voicing, as is their right to do so,
However, let’s listen to all the voices, the tone, the invitation to acknowledging , the agreement, the knowing that either way, either side will still exist…..

So allow me the space to explore this…….I’m Hetro, born RC, and have kids, and usually as obedient to constituional decrees….
And let’s allow Steve,or Eve, the same……He’s/she’s Homo, Born RC, no kids , and usually obedient to constituional decrees,

So where does the conflict belong?

Being Roman Catholic?i

Surely not……..didnt Jesus welcome all?

All I know is this……..I got married once, and it didnt work out, that’s not unique, there are many that have walked that road, I marrieed for love,

To someone that I thought I was compatible with,
We split, and our sexual orientation has never changed…….
Marriage is about Love,
And no goverment should ever prevent that, no Christian should ever oppose that, and no society should ever exclude that,
no matter what form it comes in,
Marriage makes me Gay…….



The journey of departed times, has never been your wont, or mine,

It is just the script of living, in today, the here and now,

That conspires to breach,

our unity,

The texture of your breathed kiss, the scent of you, I deeply miss,

It is as if our Author , In some way, seeks to plough,

Against us with,


In truth may it all be revealed, that no man, nor woman,

has ever concealed,

Their every word, what they say,

How they interact,

When love comes,

a calling,

A once a year touch so long desired,

a drowned heart being reignited and fired,

Our every speak, is love,

that’s a fact,

When we love, We are,


Let no calendar be so defined,

let not what we have be undermined,

Let’s seek, let’s hold, in embrace of love’s power,

As if it is a,


Allow my kiss, on your cheek so gentled, hold you near, and get sentimentaled,

As we, together, throe in our hour,

May I speak these words,

of mine?

I thank you my lover, my friend, and my soulmate,

For being my




“Romeo Is Bleeding”

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Musings, Prose
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‘Romeo is bleeding, he’s got a bullet in his chest….‘ is how the irrepresible master songwriter Tom Waits sings about two gang lovers, and these are the words that have been ringing in my head all week.

You see, last Sunday,… I lost my Juliet.

A relationship that was built up over twelve glorious years ended after her gentle passing, she could not cope any more, of a sudden, unforgiving, heart-breaking  week long illness, and Romeo is bleeding.

Juliet was not my lover, but she was my girl, she was not someone I shared a meal with, but we spent many hours together being nourished by each others company. I never sought her, she found me, and warmed my heart, she was in need, and I was glad to offer shelter. She loved me, and I fell in love with her. Over twelve long years, she was always there, my constant companion, and now she is gone, and Romeo is bleeding.

Juliet was the family pet, a stray cat that ‘chose’ us, me, twelve years ago. At the time I wasn’t a cat lover, and  although never a cat ‘hater’, I was ambivilant when it came to cats…to give you an idea, I am more a Staffordshire Bull Terrier man, than a pussy cat man. Juliet changed all of that.

She wasn’t taking no for an answer, she was determined to please herself, as most cats do, but she was also determined to never do that at the expense of anyone else. She was incredibly affectionate for a cat, nearly human at times, and knowing that she is now gone is hurting. Romeo is bleeding.

She would catch mice, rats,and even rabbits, even happily bringing them inside to let me know that she was also earning her keep. She also sought off many a pretender to her throne, not in any kind of aggresive way, but more in a way that communicated to her ‘rivals’ that they weren’t my type. She knew me, and she knew me well.

And so last Sunday, after a week of vet drips, and tablets, and perk ups and come downs, I found myself holding her at 10 pm, as her breath quickened. I thanked her for being her, for coming into my life, and kissed her forehead, she began to purr, something she hadnt done all week, and I said to her….’It’s ok Julie, go if you have to……..’

She drifted to sleep, I wiped a tear from my eye, wrapped her gently in a towel, and carried her to my bedroom, and lay her down on the floor next to my bed. I went to sleep hoping, beyond hope, that maybe she may pull through to the morning, however, if truth be told, I already knew she had gone. My Juliet had gone, the last surviving member of the menagerie that had lived in the Voice House.

If she taught me anything over twelve years, then it has to be this, it is always possible to change your perceptions of things, be they about animals, people, countries, cultures, she filled my heart because I allowed it to open, she was an amazing creature.

And now she is gone, my Juliet, my @VoiceCat, my mate. Maybe she is starting another journey, as her last one has been done.

Juliet has been given, and has been taken away, and Romeo is bleeding.

Rest in beautiful peace, my dear old friend.





This day of the 3rd of April sees the twentieth anniversary of my father’s death.

And for some reason it has touched me in a way that has never been there before, there hasn’t been many tears, it is more maybe the significance of the twenty years without him, a lifetime, a generation.

He died aged 65, which at the time seemed like an old age, he lost a battle with a brain tumour, as many so often do. Maybe it was the synchronicity of watching the documentary of Jim Stynes last night on RTE 1,  a tough honest story of one man’s battle against the same animal that took my father.

The feelings around me now, are possibly one’s of regret, loss, guilt, sadness, love, respect, all rolled into one. As I type this, I realise I am wearing the very watch that he used to wear, my mother gifted this to me, after his death. Me, one of five boys and one girl, was gifted such a special memento, and one that I will surely pass down to my son, when he gains enough maturity to appreciate it.

My Father taught me so many things that he never knew. If he was around today, I surely would sit with him and tell him, thanks, and that I love him. Alas, to late for that now….

One of these things was, when I was seventeen in the second year of my carpentry apprenticeship, I went around home to help Dad fix the fence between our house and the neighbours, I clipped on the nailbag, hammer hooked in, pencil behind the ear, etc……and lit up a fag….  He turned around and said….”Are you working or smoking?”  At the time, I remember thinking, ‘Give me a break will ya’    But he was right, work was important, and so was relaxation…. I laugh now, and have always remembered this day. For on reflection, I was doing neither, I was just hanging with my Dad. Alas……

He died just five months before I was to marry, and so I was the only one of us kids where he wasnt present on the wedding day. It is little things like this that on rare occasions spring to mind from the blue.

Another thing that he taught me without him ever knowing, was that it is never to late to change your life around. You see, Dad, was an alcoholic, and an aggressive one at times….and people can relate to this the world over, so I seek no sympathy on this here, moreover, the point of this is that he eventually gave up the grog, aged 55, and his teaching to me was, no matter the reason why people are self destructive, they can change, and my father did. Dad was no angel, and far from perfect, but there for the grace of God go I.

For that teaching, I will be eternally grateful to him, for it has carried me through life in tough times, I drew upon that courage, to be strong when I needed to be. Priceless.

I said to my near 18yo son today….it is your grandfather’s anniversary. A grandfather he has never met. He replied as all teenagers do and said…’Oh, is it?’ and the conversation was over. I had to laugh. I got home and picked up my guitar, which I haven’t played since St Patrick’s Day, and stood in front of the mirror over the fireplace and sang Harry Chapin’s “Cats in the Cradle”…. and fought back the tears…what a feeling….

You see, I think remembering my father today, hit me like a hammer, because I realised my own mortality, and how much I love my kids. In ten years time, my son will be the same age as me, when my Dad passed, and I really want to be around much longer for him. I probably will!

But then I began to think of my failings a parent, a father, where I am leaving them with less, than what my parents left us with. Not in bequeaths or the like, but in opportunities, hope, promise. My kids will experience tough times in their prime years, just like my parents did.

In remembering my father today then I hope, for many believe, that many habits and teachings are hereditary and generational, and so I tend to relax again, knowing that Dad, unknowingly taught me that we all have the capacity of inner power and strength, to change things for the better, knowing this makes me think my kids will be o.k.

And so, on this twentieth anniversary of my father’s death, I am becalmed again once more.

My mother gifted his watch to me, an ever present, tangible memory,

My Father gifted his strength, to overcome my own weaknesses,

And I will gift these things to my children, my beautiful son and daughter,

And hope will live on

R.I.P. Dad RHQ 1992


“Is It”

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Prose
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Is it?

Is it the thought, or is it the touch,

Perhaps it’s just the simplicity of your smile,

Is it the times that we spend with nicotine and caffeine

Or is it the time we spend in exile.


Is it the truth, or is it the hope,

Perhaps it’s just the idea of being in love,

Is it the chance of living a dream

For happiness, for both, thereof.


Is it the pain, or the crossing the line,

Perhaps it’s just the fear of the unknown,

Is it a fact that my love for you,

Is so deeply felt, and yet unshown.


Is it so right, or is it so wrong,

Perhaps it’s just how things must be,

Is it a statement of misunderstanding

To you, when it isn’t from me.


Is it the knowing, is it the tears,

Perhaps it’s just a vessel for further growth,

Is it a question from the sweet hand of God,

To be answered in honest, by both.


Is it the joy, is it the laugh,

Perhaps it’s just that we enjoy each other,

Is it really the thought of a crazy man,

That you are friend, trustee and lover.


Is it the hope, or is it the faith,

Perhaps it’s just pure destiny,

For the is, it is, never has been a doubt,

The is,

is my love for thee.

Happy Valentines Day


“Wherever We May Be”

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Prose
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Wherever you go, where ever we may be,

Nothing will ever replace you and me,

The parting glass, that I have supped so well,

Has always been the juice of a broken heart, to where this heart does dwell,

The life destroying fear of loneliness, that is a bowe (sic) to this man’s string,

Is not unique, nor a strange thing,

It is just one of those human experiences, that occasionally sing a tune,

It has answers within; it has its own story, its own Rune,

Tis not the fear of new life, that disconcerts this soul,

Tis, the knowing of this man’s life, less your voice, that creates the hole,

It is in such knowing that a hole, can be a mine, a discovery , a moment in time,

That this old man, will treasure the love lost as a ticking clock,

A moment in time, that can never be forgot,

And wherever I go, or lay my bones down, I beg you to know, that it was because I had to,

I had to live, I had to feed,

I had to grow again, and I did, from your very seed,

But as I came from the desert, and you came from the sea,

It is only now, I realise, that we,

Have created, a shore, created a forest,

Created a rhythm, envied by most,

We have created the moonlit stars, the dawn breaking sparrow song,

We have created the most beautiful place, where Hearts should belong,

 We created Harmony,

 we created Funny,

We created tears,

we created sighs,

We spent, too much time apart where are creation brought, wherefore’s and  ‘why’s’

We angered in each other, without even wanting to admit,


Came back each time to our creative beings,

So be it,

We cried, and sorrowed, without allowing each other to see,

We let down each other,

 with true integrity,

We harmed, we hurt, we became the most frustrating  to each other,

Because we had stopped admitting that we were,



In ether,

 in throes,

We were lovers,

It is the song of your pleasure, and the touch of your hand,  

The painful denial, that shield, that says,

Hey Man,


And then the dance begins, as only we can know, where, your wanting equals my rejection,

We become as one, for some strange reason,

You have a warming, and I,  your reflection,

But that is not what it is about,

It is much deeper than that, surely,

I feel it belongs somewhere, in a modern day context,

If I may analogise,

Our love, is like this for me,

It is like being a someone that has found that little beautiful country cottage,

 and then discovering,

 that the very land that it lies upon is based upon the richest vein of gold.

And you are the gold,

 and yet to mine you,

 would feel like defiling you,

It is like knowing, that I sit in the presence of a treasure,

And I know it,

I need not sing it,

 plough it,

 mine it,

 exploit it,

All I need to do is,

 know it.

And indeed I do.

Wherever we may be ,

“The Christmas Tree”

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Prose
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The Christmas Tree

Come sit with me by the Christmas Tree,

I’ll hold you near for eternity,

 And let’s make a wish upon the tinsel star,

Let’s reminisce of Christmas past, steal a kiss as if it were our last

And if we hold each other close,

we’ll keep our troubles far.


Tis the season for the get together,

the season for,

to just remember,

That what we have within each other, is just divine,

Let’s forget about our cares and woes, and sit inside our lovers throes,

And celebrate the gift of love,

that is yours,

and that is mine.


Little things, fairy wings,

lights that twinkle upon the tree,

Wishes on the cotton angel and the postcards from family,

Snowdrops on the window pane,

the red robin sings his rhyme,

And the greatest gift I have is you,

 every Christmas past,


 and future,


Yes, it’s you,

my deepest sweetest love,


Every Christmas time




Merry Christmas Everyone!

Voice xxxxx