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It has often been said that the greatest asset any nation has is its people, its citizens. For they are the very ingredient that is necessary for any thriving economy. The population of any country are the lifeblood of its economic fluidity, it is the oil that makes the ‘machine’ run smoothly, allowing it to operate in a constant rhythm of production and achievement.

In 2012 the state of the Irish Economy is such, that the oil ,that has kept this machine running, is fast running out. The Economic presses are grinding to a halt, and the government are refusing to even acknowledge the possibility of the machine coming to a premature end. Instead they are seeking to drive the production line to breaking point whilst at the same time refusing to maintain the machinery.

How so. you may ask?

A simple look at the unemployment figures of approximately 450 000  will help prove this point. A single adult on Jobseekers allowance will receive around 188.00 euro per week in Social Welfare.

Now, if we assume that this adult has a car which is generally required for the ability to engage with employment, then we can say that the running costs of fuel alone will be reasonably 40.00e p/w, coupled with tax and insurance costs, another 20 euro(conservative) can be added to this. so that’s 188.00 – 60= 128.00 euro remaining.

Electricity p/w can also conservatively be estimated at 20.00e p/w so we now have 108.00e remaining.

The choice of heating, be it oil, gas, electric, can also be estimated at 20.00e p/w depending upon weather, and many people have taken to buying 25 litres of kerosene on a weekly basis as they can no longer afford to buy a ‘fill’ for their tanks. So if we accept this figure of 20.00e then we are left with 88.00e remaining.

Now, so far this single person has a car, taxed and insured, as by the requirements of law, they have power so they can at least wash themselves and their clothing, and they have some form of heating to help keep them  somewhat comfortable during the cold nights that Ireland has on a frequent basis.

So with the remaining 88.00 euro, a citizen, must buy some food obviously. Now over seven days this would equate to an average spend of 12.57e per day, or if you prefer , an average spend of 4.19 per meal  @ 3 meals a day. Not impossible to do, but after a while, I am sure our friend will become very tired of Pasta, toasted sandwiches, and cereal, day in day out.

Now, some expenses that havent been included here are: Rent/mortgage bills, Life insurance (required by mortgage holders), House and Contents Insurance, Clothing, Mobile/Landline Phone charges, Birthdays/Christmas gifts, and dare I say it…entertainment expenses. Factor in the possibility of children into this persons life, and yes their payment may increase a little, but as we all know, a child can be a financially demanding reality.

Now our poor unemployed person here is also facing new taxes, depending on circumstance, of the Household Charge, Septic Tank Charge, Water Charge, Broadcast License Fee, and ever increasing Petrol/Diesel prices, and no doubt, increasing utility charges.

So how does this translate into the running of the ‘machine’?

Well, my local ‘corner’ store and my local butcher both today said ‘it is so quiet out there…..’. as in, no one is spending, the butcher even went as far to say ‘you could see a tumbleweed blow down the street….’. The Corner store man said, he has ‘never known it to be so quiet, and it is happening over the last two weeks, trade is coming to a standstill’.

So it appears the Mandarins in Government House, all who are on decent salaries, benefits, and pensions, are so far out of touch, that they honestly believe a charge of 50 euro here, and 100 euro there, will only marginally effect people. Maybe they are right? If those people are on similar pay scales and conditions to them that is, but at least 450 000 people will be affected severely by these charges,  and will be pushed to the margins indeed.

As stated at the beginning of this piece, the greatest assets of any nation are its people, and it is incumbent upon any government to create the atmosphere for job creation and growth, not to stifle it.

So if we read between the lines of our unemployed friend, He drives a car, to buy food, goes home, and uses little heat, and electricity, cannot afford to go out, and does his best to remain  positive. He has done no wrong, but he has been stripped to the last by these stealth taxes. And as a result, so too has his local businesses been affected by his inability to spend, and so too will their suppliers, and so on and so on…..

He was once seen by this country as a ‘Ripping Asset’ but alas now is seen only as worthy of “Asset Stripping”