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Through the shadow, of the darkest day, neath the covers of the deepest grey,

Lies the answer that blows all the cobwebs away,

And it waits for you to claim it.

In the longest tunnel that refuses light, when the brightest day appears like night,

When ne’er a thing seems to be going right,

It still waits for you to claim it.

When the summer’s day feels like winter’s cold, when every muscle feels so weary, aged, and old,

When you wish all those untruths,had remained untold,

It will be there, waiting for you to claim it.

If the midday sun serves only to blind, when life’s answers seem so hard to find,

Then the search for it, will ease your mind,

For it will be there, and waits for you to claim it.

It belongs to you, it holds no grief, it dances with joy, and endless belief,

It protects your heart from any thief,

And is waiting there for you to claim it.


What is it?


Your smile 



“Is It”

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Prose
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Is it?

Is it the thought, or is it the touch,

Perhaps it’s just the simplicity of your smile,

Is it the times that we spend with nicotine and caffeine

Or is it the time we spend in exile.


Is it the truth, or is it the hope,

Perhaps it’s just the idea of being in love,

Is it the chance of living a dream

For happiness, for both, thereof.


Is it the pain, or the crossing the line,

Perhaps it’s just the fear of the unknown,

Is it a fact that my love for you,

Is so deeply felt, and yet unshown.


Is it so right, or is it so wrong,

Perhaps it’s just how things must be,

Is it a statement of misunderstanding

To you, when it isn’t from me.


Is it the knowing, is it the tears,

Perhaps it’s just a vessel for further growth,

Is it a question from the sweet hand of God,

To be answered in honest, by both.


Is it the joy, is it the laugh,

Perhaps it’s just that we enjoy each other,

Is it really the thought of a crazy man,

That you are friend, trustee and lover.


Is it the hope, or is it the faith,

Perhaps it’s just pure destiny,

For the is, it is, never has been a doubt,

The is,

is my love for thee.

Happy Valentines Day